miriam gilmore enterprises 2019

What would it look like for you to:

  • Regain the confidence and strength you used to have

  • Know that all you need is inside you

  • Not feel alone because you know others have walked this same path ahead of you

  • Learn to set healthy boundaries for other and for yourself

  • Re-discover your authentic self and design a new life on your terms

You can get back on your feet
You can become the woman you desire to be
You can find love Again
I did, and so can you

Professional Bio

Miriam Gilmore began her Entrepreneurial journey in 1993 when she launched her first of several businesses. She owned and operated a successful real estate related business for over 15 years.  When her business continued to grow she discovered a need in the market and created a 2nd business to serve her own company and others like it, she ran and operated that business successfully side by side her original business.


in 2007 the mortgage crisis "came a knockin" and it completely transformed her business, finances and personal life. Miriam divorced her husband of 18 years, lost most of her assets including her businesses and properties. Through these very tough personal, financial and business losses,  Miriam came through it.


"It took a lot of self reflection, faith in god and in myself, and let me not leave out falling on my face more than once." 

In the years that she was "trying to figure it out she went to work for family, went on to buy an existing business that didn't do as well as expected and ultimately went back into Real Estate and Mortgage where she was able to start the Rebuilding Process. 

In all these years of rebuilding myself, my finances and my business I have always had the pull to help like women who are in the same place I was in, it just keeps showing up... Be it through a friend, family or even a coworker who is struggling through a divorce and this is why I have launched Life Under Construction.